“Do The Right Thing In The Right Way,” as the business philosophy of FinTell, runs through our business from beginning to end. As a data-driven financial technology company, FinTell is fully aware of the importance of privacy protection and data security, and as such controls the data security process through all its stages right from the source, through processing and storage, all the way to the final product output. FinTell firmly believes in long term development and doing things right, even if that means forgoing short-term benefits.


FinTell has appointed an internal data security and privacy protection committee whose task it is to make sure the company remains compliant in reference to the relevant national laws and regulations, as well as the industry’s best practices. In addition, regular monitoring is conducted to make sure execution errors are minimized in following the protocols established by the committee. Other specific measures are as follows:


Data Compliance

FinTell has adopted strict data access and handling protocols for the data we use. FinTell does not use or collect non-compliant data such as those obtained from unauthorized crawling and scraping. In addition, all data that is stored has been desensitized to assure compliance.


Privacy Protection Measures

Plaintext data storage and transmission are prohibited. All relevant data adopts the MD5, SHA-256, or similar irreversible encryption methods.


Principles of Business Cooperation

We only serve licensed financial institutions recognized by the national financial supervision authorities, and refuse to provide products or services to illegal usurious lenders or illegal debt collection agencies.

Data Security Certifications




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