Accurately identify fraud using highly granular alternative data in real time. Explore and locate syndicated fraud using market-leading tools such as our knowledge maps and spider diagrams of associated networks.

Credit Underwriting

Scoring users appropriately according to a combination of demographic, application, and alternative data points using AI modeling. Our strength lies in utilizing alternative data sources that include e-commerce, payments, loan behaviour, as well as personal income and assets.

Credit Line Assessment

Control risk by calculating credit lines accurately on a case-by-case basis at origination and in real time.

Loan Portfolio Monitoring

Control portfolio risk by intervening to early warning signs of customers with heightened probability of default. The monitoring engine is run daily, taking into account any delta in the underlying data points so your team can pro-actively take necessary measures early.


Identify the optimal collections strategy and allocate cases to the right team members by running our personas profiling engine on those customers at higher risk of default.

Digital Customer Acquisition

Tailor your marketing based on our personas profiling engine to optimize customer acquisition and grow your business.